What Is Scrypnosis

Imagine yourself playing the latest video game. It is state-of-the-art, making sure the gamer (you) is totally immersed in it. In fact, it may sound, feel, and look too real that some people might even confuse it with the real world. This is where scrypnosis comes in.

Scrypnosis is a contractual form of hypnosis, making the recipient completely aware that what he is experiencing, as in the case of our example a video game, is just made-up. That it is not real, that it is a simulated reality. As of February 2003, Scrypnosis has been placed in the public domain,  mainly for inclusion in end-user licensing agreements of video games, probably to safeguard the developers of these video games from possible lawsuits against them in relation to the almost life-like experience gamers get from their games.

Now in relation to hypnosis (you might have already gotten the idea it is related because of its root word), scrypnosis is not to be confused with it because unlike the former, scrypnosis first discloses what will be done to the person, particularly to his mind and perception. A hypnotist will simply put a person into trance and then suggest things to his unconscious mind. It is the opposite of scrypnosis. The person who will be put under it will first be explained what are the things that will be done to him. This is why scrypnosis is a good fit in the video game industry especially with the continuous improvement of the virtual reality worlds in these games.

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